Your Voice is Waiting for You.

Your Voice is Waiting for You.

Your voice is waiting for you.

A few weeks ago I was playing chase and tickle with my daughters. I was ‘it’ so I ran after them as they leapt away – laughing, dodging and ducking to get as far away from my grasp as possible.
My kids are exceptionally good at getting past my grip. They hide under tables. Run up one staircase and down the twisty one in the back of the house. They pair up and psyche me out knowing that they have the huge advantage of youth.

But this time, I was going to win. I had my 5-year-old cornered and if I got her, I could finally sit down and watch Survivor. (That was our deal ? )

A least that’s what I thought.

Suddenly, this tiny kid turned around, looked me right in the eyes and charged at me – full speed, roaring at the top of her lungs, like a wild animal and without one freaking ounce of hesitation or apology. I was so shocked that I fell down laughing and she ran away, and very deservedly declared herself the winner.

I am thinking of that moment today as I think about the 2 months I’ve spent watching women come together in secret political feminist groups and push edges they never thought they would. Women sharing their stories for the first time. The shyest women calling strangers to GOTV. Women standing face to face with men who preferred them to be silent. Us, knocking on doors – afraid, but willing to stand for our sacred yes. Women daring to wear t-shirts and hang signs and vote – for the first time and for some, possibly the last.

Every day in my work I hear from women who know they’ve lost their voices. They feel disconnected from their deepest knowing and stay silent when they know they should speak up.

Yes. Silence can seem like the only choice when we are smaller or weaker or outnumbered or alone or seemingly stuck in a corner.

But your voice is in there.

Waiting for you.

And when the moment comes when your silence is too high a price to pay, remember my daughter. Remember who you really are and what you believe in.

Then roar until the whole damn house comes down.

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