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My work in the world is helping women reclaim their voices and connect them to the places within themselves where their fullest expression lives. In 2014, I started a project called Find the Courage to be Seen & Heard. I interviewed 142 women about their voices, the pressure for women’s silence, and the perils of being a wallflower. The purpose of the CSH Project was research for my upcoming book. But in the course of these conversations – some delightful, some downright difficult – I learned so much more than expected.

A story has so much more power when it is told with the intention of mining its wisdom. When it is told to teach. As I began the writing process, I found that each woman’s blessed experience had a place in my work. A perfect, cozy nook where her triumph, her pain, the things that never before made sense, became a part of something bigger. As a writer, I was grateful and I thought these stories would live in my book.

In April 2016, my grandmother and last surviving grandparent died in Liberia. It was a blow I was not prepared to take. In mourning her loss what emerged for me was a vast emptiness knowing how much I did not have a chance to learn from her. Living oceans apart and with no means of communication, we were denied those moments – over a plate of food or perhaps while a brush runs through hair – when wisdom is passed through generations. There will never again be stories shared between my grandmother and I. And I really need them, especially now.

The Seen & Heard Project will launch in 2018.

It is a project born of the love and loss of the women before us, women whose stories were not told. It is an effort to create and honor the power of inter and intra-generational wisdom with a specific focus on helping women find the courage to be seen and heard.

It will focus exclusively on women’s stories and how those stories have impacted their relationship to their voices, the challenges they’ve faced in speaking up in their lives, shared wisdom from their struggles with silence and how they desire to use their voices in the world right now. It is about our voices and overcoming the pressure to become and remain silent.

Women are powerful storytellers and we will be more powerful when our stories are shared.

Your story matters and if you find yourself struggling to speak up in your life and have a strong sense of why this is happening to you, I would love to hear from you.

My heart desires to connect women in a way that feels human and hopeful, intersectional and helpful. I want us to see each other and in doing so, to take action because we feel connected. I want women’s voices to matter, especially to each other. I hope this project is exactly those things and more.

So do you have a story you want to share? Get started here and I will be in touch.

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