I’m Wokie.

2015-08-16-10-16-22Hi there & welcome!

I am Wokie Nwabueze and Seen & Heard is a project near and dear to my heart.

Growing up a painfully shy, first generation, only daughter of West African immigrants, I have always believed that our ability and right to speak up is the source of our greatest power, even when I struggled to access that ability for myself.

Intrigued by women’s tendency to quiet down in times of pressure, informed by my own journey to overcome shyness, and blending 20 years of experience as an executive and life coach, conflict resolution expert, organizational ombudsman, communication strategist, mediator and attorney, I have taught more than 3000 people to communicate with impact, authenticity, and power.

Through my signature program, The Courage to be Seen & Heard™ and my teaching approach, The Seen & Heard Method™, my clients develop the skills and undergo the personal transformation needed to confidently reclaim their voices, command a room, embrace authority and cultivate influence in their professional lives.

I sit on the Board of the Scheinman Institute for Conflict Resolution at Cornell University and have coached executives and taught conflict resolution, communication and negotiation courses and workshops for various Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, social change organizations and small businesses, including Princeton University, Columbia University School of Law, Prudential Financial, the NYC Board of Education, the WK Kellogg Foundation, BlackRock, CSAA, and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, among others.

FYI, I am obsessed with social movements and the need for women to have difficult conversations around intersectionality, feminism, diversity, unity, power, sisterhood and progress. What is possible for the feminist movement if women have the courage to be Seen & Heard by the world, and by each other, no matter how hard the conversations get? Ideas?

I blog here at Seen & Heard, to find out how I work with individuals and organizations, contact me here.



What is a movement without music?

I am so blessed to team up with my friend, and musical love revolutionist, Nina Grae.Nina

Nina is a San Francisco based singer, songwriter and recording artist committed to creating music with conscious, love-centric messages.  Her mantra for creation is “Uplift, Unite & Inspire”, and her vision of a world unified through compassion and empowerment serves as her compass.  

With a background in marketing and a passion for studying humanity’s great teachers, Nina strives to find the intersection points between entertainment and enlightenment.  She believes humanity is at a critical point in history where we are being called to evolve, both spiritually and emotionally.  This belief fuels Nina’s dedication to spreading ideas through music that create ‘win-win’ scenarios for all, and thus, evolve our collective consciousness from duality into oneness.

Info on her latest album, The Remedy, can be found on Nina’s website www.ninagrae.com