Beautiful No, Sacred Yes


In January, song warrior Meshell Ndegeocello released a cover of Prince’s Sometimes It Snows In April.

You can listen to it here.

And if you love him like love him, make sure you’re ready because 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫. Everything about the song is heartbreaking, including her cover.

(How can he not be walking this earth?!?!)

Earlier that week I launched the Seen & Heard Mastermind beta – a mastermind for grown women experts who are doing world-changing work but have been playing small – to a circle of sisters who would become my beta group. The responses were slow and fast.

I sent a lot of info, people are busy, women had to think about the big ask – are you ready to build your platform?

Some said no. Beautiful, gracious noes that I digested and learned from –

Sometimes people are not in that place at that time.

Sometimes they’ve found something or someone else.

Sometimes they just aren’t feeling it.

I also had to digest that the women who said yes said HELL YES!” No “sure” or “ok.” Hell to the hell yes!

So back to Prince, my love, my muse…

As otherworldly, amazing and successful as he was, people will forget him. I see it happening already. When I google him I see more of Prince Harry than Prince Prince. I see people like Justin Timberlake creeping into territory he wouldn’t have if Prince were here. It’s the way of life, I suppose. People take up the space we don’t.

But his fans, his familyfans, like me, will never forget. People like me will sit in our rooms on a bright Saturday morning in January and cry while listening to his lyrics and then get up and make something in honor of what he represents to us.

We are moved by him still and always will be.

As I Iistened to this song, feeling how deeply I was and am moved by this man, I realized again and again that one person’s work can shape and shift and change a life. And I understood that he created for his art and for the love of the people who said yes.

So I think we need to focus on that.

Our hell yesses. The people who feel our call and find their call because of it.

When we can find the beauty in our noes, we can feel the sacredness of our yesses.

Yes allows us to be in our truth.

In truth, we can build relationships through our art and words and purpose that last a lifetime.

That’s all we have to do.

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